Greg Berne Music


My introduction to music was in 1970, with the Beatles. I did not realize it then, but that seminal experience would shape the rest of my life.
In the summer of 1979, I picked up my first electric guitar...and then my world changed.
Life's grind, however, took hold and my musical aspirations were placed on hold....for more than 30 years.
As of late, I found myself with more time on my hands than I had since.
I purposefully delved deep within myself and asked a simple question....where do I go from here?

I picked up a guitar, except this time, I listened....not to the notes, but to how my heart resonated within them, as they did...so many years ago. This renewed energy reaching for, or perhaps...IGNITING something deep within...the inner voice; all but forgotten.

In late 2014, I experienced a profound and encompassing inner-cleansing; a ground-up rebuild. I then began writing the lyrics and music to songs that I am currently recording. I am targeting for a full-length album which will be entitled...."Light and Fire".
For each song, there is a simple requirement...the lyrics must evoke the human condition...and tell a story of it.  If I am moved by the lyrical-content, then I work on the music as a backdrop.

Most of my inspiration is drawn from life-experience and literature that I have written....at this point therefore, Art for Art's Sake...indeed.

We are, each of us, immersed in chaos. To breathe alone... invites entropy. We live in separation....yet seek comfort and reassurance, through the arts....that we are not alone in our trials.
From within our common-experience, we strive to answer life's greatest mystery.....the quest for meaning and purpose to our existance...as much individually as we do collectively.
Poetry, Music, Art, and even Violence....speak of and for life's joy and pain. They often resonate, with one voice, of love and brotherhood....while remaining infinitely-open to interpretation.

I am most humbled therefore, to share with you.


With the sincerest appreciation;


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